Hello and welcome to show number 11. This is the first show for February site of the month. We apologise for the late running of this months work. We have been working away on a project with China amongst other things.


Anyway our show of the month this month is Food hyphen Force dot com. This is an interesting one as a games based learning approach to helping people understand more about famine and crisis relief.

You can obtain the game by downloading it directly from the site and best of all its free too. The possible downside of this is the size of the file. It was two hundred and twenty one megabytes! Alternatively you can order it on CD to be posted out to you.


In addition, there is a whole range of other connected activities and resources on the web site. You can sign up for a newsletter, read reports on the effectiveness of the game from elsewhere and also view support materials and documentation for teachers interested in using the food force game in their teaching.


In the coming shows, we will be looking at this as a model for learning both in a formal and informal setting. We will look at this particular material as an example and examine the possibilities and issues for learners and for tutors. Finally, we will look at possible applications of this model elsewhere.

We hope you will take the opportunity to download the game and give it a go. That will certainly help you get more from our next shows. As always, we welcome any feedback and ideally in audio format. Please send that to frontdesk@talkingfavourites.com

Look out for our next show in a few days time. We may also run this one into March due to the lateness of this one.


To remind you then. Our game of the month for February is Food hyphen force dot com. If you can’t find it just put food force into google. Thanks for listening. Goodbye for now.