Hello everyone. And a Happy New Year to you all from talking favourites dot com.


We are pleased to announce a new site of the month for January 2006. This one is Education Arcade. Again it is a games based learning site. We make no apology for this as we are becoming more and more certain that this is where this podcast will go in the future. We began last year by looking at Active Worlds. This was a virtual 3 dimensional multi user environment that had a gaming kind of feel to it. From there we looked at Serious Games and the conference and project resources that explored the potential and the developments in games based training and education.


It is a logical next step to look at games based learning in more detail and there is no where better to develop our exploration than at Education Arcade.


We will be looking at various resources at that site over the weeks ahead. We believe that this site is fabulously rich in resources containing video footage of the keynotes and main sessions as well as links to examples of screenshots etc. There are also discussion forums over there too. Lots for us to look at.


Like the last time on talking favourites, we are inviting an avatar to do the presentations. It feels like more fun to do it that way and entirely in the spirit of a look at games based learning. Why not avatar based podcasts as a kind of gaming in audio?


We welcome feedback on any preferences and feedback on the show to front desk at talking favourites dot com. If that feedback could be in audio so much the better and if you like you could even have an avatar or text to speach engine provide that response.

We’ll stop there but thank you for listening and a very happy new year to our growing number of listeners. More on Education Arcade coming soon. I’ve downloaded the videos and once i’ve sat through them I’ll have more to say.


If you get a chance to look at the site yourself it is at education arcade dot org. Goodbye for now.